EMTEK Media consists of various sub-departments of skilled and dedicated staff to cover all aspects of media and production.The team consists of four Commercial Producers who manage projects, which are further executed by our three Camera Operators, three Editors, five Graphic Artists, Special Projects Producer/Director; all under the direction and management of our General Manager.

EMTEK Media Core Team

           SHEENA HUGHES

            General Manager

Emtek Multimedia has now evolved to something far greater – EMTEK Media. And Sheena Hughes has been at the forefront of this evolution, since EMTEK's inception in 2012; From a small group of passionate video production producers, into one of the most professional and creative multimedia teams available in Papua New Guinea today.


She has been in the Advertising & Marketing Multimedia Industry for over 12 years. And with her vast experience throughout the Pacific region, it’s no wonder EMTEK Media has never looked back.


She is fondly called ‘Mama’, by the team of experts, that make up EMTEK Media. And like so, she nurtures the very essence of bringing the art of creativity, to life; through EMTEK's multimedia services. Creating a synergy for any campaign through television, radio, newspaper, print and online.


Armed with a Masters in Business Management, a wealth of experience in multimedia production, and vast technical knowledge of the industry, Sheena strongly believes that every business has a story to tell and that EMTEK Media gives them a platform of mediums in order to do so.



Deputy Manager - Commercial

A graduate from Victoria University, Australia, Jennifer Kali, brings to EMTEK Media her banking experience, and advertising & marketing flair from the mobile and online industry’s.


Jennifer joined EMTEK Media as a Senior Commercial Producer, and in the last 3 years has held roles such as Producer/Director, and Event Coordinator. Her attention to details and deadlines now sees her managing a team of creative script writers, producer/directors and corporate clients. Jennifer has experience in both the fiji and PNG market producing creative advertising and marketing strategies that align with client’s expectations.


Her experience with NGO’s and government departments continues to be an extension of her commitment to engage various industries into the world of advertising and marketing. Report and proposal writing is also her forte and if you don't find her on the field directing your productions, then you’re sure to find her in her dark little corner in the EMTEK Media office, jotting down her vivid imaginations on paper.


           Documentary Director/producer

A graduate from the London Film school, Marco Venditti boasts decades of international experience as a film maker and documentarian and has collected several accolades for his work in both Europe, and now Papua New Guinea.


He joined EMTEK Media in 2016, after a 3 years stint as Managing Director of Oxford Business Group. He also presents Documania at EMTV, a brand new TV series showcasing documentaries from all over the world.


Among other successful projects, he directed and produced “Driving the Change” in cooperation with the United Development Program, which picked up the 2017 World Television Award. Other notable productions include “Fuzzy Wuzzy Beyond the Legend”, “Farming PNG” and European Union’s 40 years of bilateral relations with Papua New Guinea.


As a freelance journalist for major international publications, he has worked and lived in over 30 countries around the world and speaks five different languages, and is adamant that Papua New Guinea is where he now calls “his home”.